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The First Farmers...A Homeschooling Adventure

Homeschooling this year is all about lots of firsts. We are exploring world cultures and history. I am basing my curriculum on the Sonlight Program. It provides a basic timeline and the books. I enrich. And the enrichment has made the program. As a stand alone program it does have depth. I love the poetry and literature emphasis. However, I feel it is the personal touches, I add as a Mother, knowing the personalities of my children...what excites them...

Here are some pictures of learning about the First Farmers....

First we held and touched the wheat. One of the most anciently cultivated grains. We then used some rocks from the backyard to crush the wheat. We had limited success so we cheated a little and brought out our handgrinder. The girls got a kick out of this.
We kept our flat bread simple. The girls added water and salt and mixed with their hands. We then pressed them into tortillas.

We started a great little fire by collecting small twigs and bark. No newspaper was needed. We put some rocks in the fire and layed our "bread" on top.

We spread a little raw honey on top and enjoyed. "Enjoy" may be a relative term.
I don't know if I have ever spent so much quality time with my children. Four hours a day of positive uplifting nurturing. I am in mothering heaven!

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Jo Lynn said...

Wow I didn't know you were homeschooling them, what a great experience! I love that you guys built your own fire and made bread, way impressive. I'm sure they had so much fun and learned alot in the process. :)