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What to do with a Toddler while you Homeschool?

Schedule Nap Time! Thankfully my little Emmett has always been an amazing napper. It does really help me to have him asleep for the majority of the time we have Mom School. However, when he is awake he is so pleasant and undemanding. But that is just his personality. I may not be so lucky the next time around. Here is a picture tour of Emmet at Mom School. I've been collecting choice photos the last month...

We start our Mom Schooling at 8 am. For the first 1 1/2 hours he lounges around reading books,
"lounge" being the operative word here...playing with toys,
...playing with big sister when she has some down time...
...thoroughly enjoying "field trip Friday"
The girls here are sporting their "Egyptian" beaded hair. This field trip was to see the temple. The girls drew pictures and we talked about forever families and symmetry in art.

... or helping out with the occasional science experiment.
This experiment was on density. We have been learning about different boats made by Romans, Egyptians, the earliest humans...we've made some models and the science teacher in my knew it was the prime opportunity to introduce density!

At about 9:30 I put the little man down for a nap and he is out until between 12:30-1:30.

What does that mean? I have a few moment So I even get a little break since mom school ends at 11:45. Ellery heads to school and Callista has quiet time in her room reading books for an hour.

I am staying sane. In fact, blissfully happily sane! Although last night I had a massive brain freeze. I was trying to plan my enrichment activities for this week and spent 3 hours and came up with nothing! I should have stopped when it was clear I was in an incredible non-brainy mood.

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Brittney said...

Cute pictures!! I keep meaning to call you and always forget during the day... I had my appt this week (a wire was bothering me and I needed it fixed) so I won't need you to watch the boys next week after all! Melissa's coming into town in a couple weeks, though, so maybe we can all get together then?? Glad your "mom school" is going so well! You do such creative things (despite occasional brain freezes...) :)