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A Few Moments

Callista: Dad this pancake is burnt.
Brent: Callista eat your pancake, it is not burnt. It is just like a toasted marshmallow.
Me: Stifling my snickers from my permanent postion on the couch, because really brent is such a trooper to cook all the meals...he even said I better coach him on how to make bread!

Grandma: Rebecca I smell some natural gas in your house.
The house was thoroughly sniff searched...later in the day...
Callista: Grandma, you know that smell? It was probably a dead rat. We have dead rats in our house, you know. They are stinky!

Admittedly, we have caught our fair share of mice in the attic this year. One was incredibly stinky. How do mice get in the attic anyways?

And one more little fun shot...

Emmett has taken to calling Callista "nanni." She introduced this name for herself out of her own volition. It immediately stuck with Emmett and he now begs to "tow" nanni for rides behind his quad.


Weakleg said...

I've been thinking a lot of you and was with Rachel, Alia, Maura, and Amy Bos this pass weekend. We all send you our love and support.


Kevin, Christi, Wade and Max Kotter said...

This was so cute! I loved it! It inspired me to write down some things I had been meaning to write down about Wade too. :) We are praying for you guys! Love ya! Reading what you said really makes me miss your Grandma!!!!