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Overwhelmed and Lifted

I am overcome by the kindness and goodness which surround me. I am so uplifted and feel equipped emotionally for the next two weeks. Thank you, thank you to those who are so selflessly giving and listening. Here is a sampling of the hands of service touching my family and cheering my heart....

...a fantastic, homemade, healthy chocolate birthday cake made by Desiree (who also stopped by on Friday and let me cry to her) for my little Ellery's birthday on Sunday (it is gone already!)

A delectable basket of fruit which arrived today from Brent's parents (it is almost gone) just to lift my spirits...
A cheerful bouquet of flowers brought by my neighbor Julie simply to brighten my day (and they were so perfect to have for Ellery's birthday as well)...
...raisin bread "letters" for each of my children's name, and raw, homemade, sugarfree cookies, endless loaves of amazing bread from Adele, who also offered to take the girls to their swimming lessons next week (it is like my mom lives 2 doors down!!! She is incredible!)

...my bathroom cleaned, and cleaned how I would have done it, by Jill

....an unexpected dinner, straight from my blog, from Amy, and weekly play dates for Callista (complete with projects and crafts and learning experiences)

...a husband who let me cry for an hour in his arms and then told me to buck up and think about our quadriplegic neighbor, who whacked a large mouse yesterday under our couch (I was mortified, Ellery was certain it must be a rat because it was so big) and spent until 1 in the afternoon cleaning the house, takes the kids to carnivals, brought 5 little girls to the pool for a birthday party, and shook 4 inches of snow off all our fruit trees yesterday to try and save them

....a doctor who laughed at me when I asked if I could have my bedrest modified, and patiently responded to my queries yet again assuring me I am sick, but whom also scheduled my delivery for June 10th, just over 2 weeks away

...Callista who says the most precious things:
Me: My stomach is upset right now, I don't think I want anything.
Callista runs to me on the couch, lovingly cradles my tummy in her hands, lays her head on my belly, and says, "Oh mommy, why is the baby sad? Is she crying?"

...Emmett who doesn't tire of playing cars on the couch, reading nursery rhymes, rolling balls, and has taken to kissing my baby belly

...Ellery taking on so much responsibility, and being so brave with on mom on bedrest for her birthday

...A phone call from Jess which made me belly laugh for several minutes

....A last minute dinner from Marie and playdate for all three children

...A visit from Christy

....A visit from Brittney

....A visit from Terri

...A weekly phone call from Jessie at the grocery store, and walking Ellery to school

....movies, phone calls, play dates, and love from Kathryn

I am sure I left off more of the little miracles in the last 3 days, yes this is only in 3 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Christy said...

I am so glad you are in such good spirits and that so many people have reached out to your family. What a huge comfort - and a sign that you have so many people that love and care for you (and your sweet family). This knowledge, alone, is a huge blessing! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. We love you guys.

Jo Lynn said...

Service is such a way to be humbled with gratitude at the love that surrounds you! I wish we were there to help you out, I can't imagine going through what you are going through. Love all those moments you recorded about your children and I'm so glad you are surrounded by such amazing woman that are looking after you! Our prayers are with you, hang in there! Hugs and love being sent your way!

Jessica said...

An incredible family like you all deserve this amazing support!!