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Happy 7th Birthday Ellery

Ellery. All about you.


Weigh 47 pounds

Dislike piano practicing with a passion

Love to compose poetry

Always try to finagle someone into coming into the bathroom or basement or upstairs with you, it is far better than being alone

Memorize with brilliancy

Can't get enough of the Little House on the Prairie books

Have a way with animals

Are content with spending all your time with mom and dad

Love being read to but not independently

Adore chocolate

Finally feel like you are old enough to stay in your own bed all night

Play make believe and make elaborate houses from blocks and blankets for your barbies

Have a quiet confidence unusual for your age

Cough loud and often enough to turn heads and garner dirty, astonished looks from nurses, teachers, shoppers, park mothers etc

Love public speaking

Often comment about your sisters golden hair, wishing yours was blond too

Would take a snuggle date with Dad over a friends birthday party

Are so excited for baby Berkeley

Make our home a better place, full of your highly expressive love letters

We love you Ellery.

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