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Sunday Insights: Seeking the Best Gifts

Gifts Many

I don't think I have spent enough time and prayers in my life seeking the "best gifts." The scriptures are replete with mentions of the spiritual gifts of God, given to those who serve them. We find these gifts mentioned my Paul in 1 Corinthians, Moroni names and pleads for us to recognize and seek these gifts in the very moments he closes his epic account in the Book of Mormon in Moroni 10, and finally Joseph Smith again reiterates in D&C 46.

Be Blessed, and Bless

The gifts are varied and wonderful. We are not given them all. But as Paul explains, the church and members are as the body of Christ. Each of us are given different gifts, we become different "parts" but together function as a whole. Yet, we are also commanded to seek earnestly these gifts, that we, and those around us may all benefit.


Both messages struck home to me this week. I felt immensely blessed by a spiritual gift given to someone in my family. Equal to that immensity was the gravity and necessity I felt to pray for a gift for myself, to aid in the efficacy of the blessing. The Lord stands ready and willing to help. We must seek the way. Find those who will help us in our journey and train our own lives to seeking His will.

This all amounts to the continuing drama in this pregnancy. But despite the extreme actions and precautions of my doctors I am confident this pregnancy will result in a healthy baby girl to add to our beautiful family, and that my health will be sustained. In church today, a sweet great grandma said to me "Oh, Rebecca, your children are just so beautiful and sweet, I just hope you have at least a dozen!" I smiled and sincerely thanked her. I somehow doubt that is in the cards for us.
A less than ideal doctors visit on Thursday, resulted in multiple visits to the hospital (which will continue for the duration of the pregnancy) and 1-2 doctor visits a week now. It is extremely time consuming. Still no full bed rest, thankfully. Tuesday, I visit the perinatologists, specialists in treating high risk pregnancies.

After an ultrasound, there is some concern my baby is not growing quickly enough, another side effect of preeclampsia. Irregardless of my history of small babies the doctors remained concerned. The perinatologists will be able to give us more accurate information on how big our little love bug is, and assure us that the umbilical cord and placenta are not toughening. I am certain their expertise will bring good news.


Amidst all this alarming information, I employed every persuasive tactic known to assuage my doctors fears. But to them, it is the sum of all the little parts that spell caution in capital letters. Admittedly, this week flooded me with tears and emotions. But the remaining emotion after sifting and working through myriad, is peace. Peace is what I will hold on to. I can testify the Lord is with me each step of the way, intimately acquainted with each turn in the road, leading me tenderly, often through the gifts and influence of those closest to me.


Brittney said...

I'm so glad you're finding peace amidst all these trials. I'll keep praying for you and your sweet baby girl!

Ashley said...

Oh Bec, I'm sorry to hear things haven't gone so smoothly through this pregnancy. We'll pray for you and this sweet baby girl!

Lissa said...

Praying for you and the baby....and of course all the family. I'm happy you are being sustained by God's goodness and His peace.


Jo Lynn said...

You are in our prayers and I'm so sorry you have to go through this to bring your little ones into the world. I'm glad the doctors are taking precautions and I hope they find nothing but good through the tests you're going through. Beautiful post, Casey really enjoyed that lesson yesterday as well. We discussed our talents last night in FHE and diagnosed some scriptures. :) Love the pictures!!!