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Independent reading has not come early or easy to Ellery. Read aloud is an entirely different story. She begs for, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Little House series, Old Mother West Winds, Chinese or Egyptian Myths, you name it and she is passionate about hearing it. In fact, we even have some tantrums if we don't read for a sufficient length of time (which can be hours).

I often let slip in conversation with Ellery, little tidbits about my voracious reading appetite, from the time I was a tiny girl. My hidden flashlight, prying my eyelids open to finish just a "few more pages," you readers know what I am talking about. I still am guilty of it. As the ever sagacious Frog would say, "We must have will power Toad." With a 5:30 am alarm looming nearer, I still often can't close my book. By giving her little ideas about how exciting reading can be, I've hoped to get her hooked on independent reading. Sometimes as she begs and begs for one more chapter, I mention offhandedly she could always read it herself...

Tonight my heart warmed when I came upon this scene. Hopefully the trend continues.

She is reading a book on the Titanic. I think they just hit the iceberg.