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Take Me Back

Sorry to say it little miss Berkeley, but sometimes I just think "Take me back to the Emmett days!" You can wail up a storm. In fact you are coming dangerously close to "Callista levels" on the crying. At least you sleep moderately well, which your big sister never did.

Brent is convinced you are one chubby, bundle of trouble.

At 11 pm and 5 am when you are wailing and seem to be inconsolable, if I happen to unswaddle you, stand up and bounce you around you flash me a gorgeous smile and then start wailing again. I wonder if I really just saw that. I did.

And I have to concede.

Berkeley you are one chubby, bundle of trouble!

It's 10:59 and you just finally fell asleep in your swing. Do I dare to try and make the transfer upstairs. It rarely works. If I fail, I am in for another hour of crying. Decisions, decisions ;)

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