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"Healthy Sleep Habits...

Happy Child!" ...and mom and dad...

How could I have forgotten?

When I wrote that post a few nights ago, I couldn't figure out why Berkeley seemed to be getting more and more fussy. Then it dawned on me. She should be on a schedule by now. More sleep is the key. (Why had I not thought of this before? I am supposed to be a seasoned mother by now.) Monday morning I pulled out my trusty "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child," (aka: my sleep bible) and reacquainted myself with the proper sleep schedule. Wah lah!! Another miracle sleeper.

Berkeley was in bed by 8:30 Monday night, 7:30 last night and 6:30 tonight. She has cried about 20 minutes total. I think tomorrow we should be at our double nap, 6 pm lights out, for good.

My mom is always flabbergasted by the 4 month to 2 year old stage of my children's lives. She is convinced all they do is sleep. In fact, she finds it rather odd. I find it fantastic. The children are so happy. I am a slave to the schedule but my children thrive on it.

In fact, today I was having Berkeley withdrawal. I am so used to having her with us every moment, in the sling, swing, bouncer etc. But she had clearly become overtired. She wasn't sleeping as much in her swing or the sling. The interaction, entertainment and stimulus level were too much.

Now she is snug as a bug in her bassinet and I have regained 2 hours at night. Hurrah. It's like I might become human again. Don't ask what I was before... I think this will be a good change for the whole family. I need some extra decompression time these days.

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Brittney said...

I love that book! Totally works for me too. I'm glad you can have some "you" time for a change!