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An Ode to the Apple

Ode to the Apple

Apple Pie, Apple Chips,
Apple Leather, Apple Crisps,
Apple Sauce quart after quart
Apple my life you seem to thwart.

But upon the ground, I find I ache
To see you, my Apples becoming worm cakes
Come in my kitchen, I'm slicing again
Apples in Fall, Can this love affair end?

Dread you, I do
But a lost case am I,
For I must confess, (for this month at least)
You're the apple of my eye.

Any more ideas for apples? I have to move fast, the birds are attacking, the sun is burning (yes, apples can actually get sunburned) and crispness is giving way.

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Michele said...

You're a poet? I had no idea! I use to write poetry in high school. Anyway, I don't have any ideas other than if you need to get rid of anything I can help! ;)