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Happy Halloween

Happy Haunting from us to you!
Our little witch does "tricks" for treats. Here she is performing a "pas de chat." She actually enjoys her little ballet class. If only Ellery would let her admit it. Ellery, not a big fan.

The dinner I so tenderly prepared for my family. I got these cute ideas from my friend Amy's awesome blog Super Healthy Kids. She tested them on her family and they were big hit. I was not so lucky. Maybe because her's looked cuter.
Pumpkin Shaped Rice Balls...comments...Disgusting I will not eat those.

Ham and Cheese and Soft Pretzel Fingers....comments....No. Unroll it please. This is gross inside. Can I just eat the ham?

Ghost Burritos...comments...Can we please just go trick or treating. I don't want to eat these.
Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Sigh....Nothing can compete with the almighty CANDY.
A little cat nap for Emmy. While trick or treating, he fell asleep purring contentedly in Daddy's (we have no idea what he is dressed up as) arms.


HanksFam said...

Rebecca, your kids look so cute. Happy Halloween!

Amy said...

Your food turned out adorable! My kids I'm sure are tired of eating strange looking food, but they like to humor me. Maybe I can think of some strange Thanksgiving Ideas for you. :)