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Boiling the Tepid Pool of Ignorance

George Moore said "We can become educated persons, no matter our stations in life, if we never quit learning."

Speaking of George Washington "...he never went to school. That's why he was an educated man, he never quit learning."

When I feel in a funk...as I have a bit of late, it appears in direct correlation to my own laziness. I quit learning.






Any one of these could be the culprit. No longer intensely training for a marathon...the business is languishing...distractedly watching the General Conference of my Church. The last few days have been revitalizing. In a concerted effort I have stretched. I am thankful for a husband who is the epitome of a "learned man." Not one educated by the Ivy Leagues.

Far better. Educated by a thirst to constantly eradicate his own ignorance wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head. If only I, and everybody else for that matter, had his insight and courage.

Too often I let my own ignorance fester in a tepid pool inside me. No heat driving me to churn and boil out the stupor, the pollution.

May the flames of knowledge ignite in me and in you. Onward. Forward.

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