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Priceless Pictures

There is something priceless about a picture with your great-grandparents. I only have one. I was 3 years old with my Great Grandma Cross. I'm smiling and clutching my pooh bear. Last night provided an opportunity to seal up some of those treasures.

We attended a lovely wedding dinner for my cousin Nick and his fiancee Shaylee. It was at the Snowbasin lodge. Nestled in the mountain, tucked neatly away from the light pollution of the city, it was a picturesque setting. The air was cool enough to keep me pressing Emmetts little body against me. He was toasty in his generous layer of baby brown fat. Which BTW was quite the topic of conversation. Ellery and especially little Pip were skin and bones, it is novel for my family to see me holding a chunky little thing.
Grandma couldn't get over how heavy he was. And she reminded me (as she does most everytime I see her) of my 3 year old birthday party. She made me beautiful Angel food cake. I took a single look and burst into sobs. How could anyone think of serving "white bread" to little girl on her birthday. I refused to take even the smallest nibble. And I wonder at the drama in our house :)

I had to include this picture of Emmett lunging for Grandpa's name tag. Emmett was a man on a mission last night.
His mission: to seek out, grab, and quickly shove into his mouth every name tag within arms reach. All this before Mom, or some other spoilsport adult confiscated it from his chubby little fingers or slobbery mouth.

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