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Go Cougs

Brent and the girls spent the day tailgating and palling around with Cosmo at the BYU football game. Our good friend Coach Wardenburg (BYU basketball) treated the trio to VIP, on field passes. Enjoy a pictoral of the adventure!

El and Pip getting ready to grill up some burgers. (Was it odd to anyone to read a vegetarian has a freezer bursting with beef? Go figure.)

The three trouble makers right in the thick of things. In fact the marching band actually took the field and marched right through them.

The girls have not stopped talking about Cosmo. Apparently later in the game he dressed up as Darth Vader. That was incredible exciting for them. How do they know who Darth Vader is?

No questions here if she is having a good time.

Pip and Coach. Thanks again to the big man.

Coach Bronco and the Cougs storm the field.

Up in the Nose Bleed and still smiling.

So where were the Goo and I you ask? A quiet romantic afternoon for the two of us. After an unusally long nap (think an unusually quiet house) we headed to the fabric and health food store. Two highly precarious destinations with 3 children in tote, but I thought completely manageable with myself and my little man. My high hopes were dashed when in true "man fashion" Emmett had zero tolerance for the fabric store.

I envisioned leisurely browsing through pattern books, while he gooed in his carseat. Not quite. I hurriedly flipped through the pages--which he lunged for, and bawled over upon denial--grabbed some elastic--my cloth diapers from Callista's days need new elastic--and that was it.

Overall, a good day was had by all.

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Monica said...

that looks fun! I didn't know they got to go! looks like the girls enjoyed it!