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"Appletizer Turkeys" Variations on a Theme

This might be the last Turkey themed post, but I won't make any promises. Ellery and I had to come up with something to bring to her class feast today. I am confident the kindergarten feast will be sugar and refined flour laden. I had to fight back.
So we varied our Halloween Candy Turkeys, into something I actually wanted my kids to eat. Isn't it amazing all the variations we can create on a theme. Enter the "Appletizer Turkeys."

My kids aren't bored with this yet. Astonishing. I think for the big feast day we will make some "wings" with olives and pickles and maybe even some broccoli!

Here they are....we made one for each table at school.
....And isn't that a cute little Indian with those delicious Turkeys?

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Brittney said...

So cute! And I love your tootsie roll idea - if I'm ambitious enough one of these days I'll try it. The peppermint ones look really yummy!