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A conversation between Ellery and me as she browsed through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog we received in the mail, en route to ballet.

Ellery: Wow Mom, this doll house is really cute. I wish I could have it.
Me: It is so pretty. I saw it too. (It has chandeliers. Can we say over-the-top? In all honesty, I would have adored it when I was little.)

Ellery: How much does it cost? (Pat myself on the back. She thought to ask. Even a 5-year-old could see this doll house exuded exorbitance.)

Me: I will look when I am not driving. But I think it is pretty expensive.

Ellery: Can you look now? (As we turn onto a residential street.)

Me: I will look when we stop. (We stop, waiting to turn left at a light.)

Callista: Mom go. Why are you stopping? The light is green. (Good thing I don't listen to my little backseat drivers.)

Me: (I finally bring myself to look at the price.) Ellery that dollhouse is $700. (Holy cow I am thinking.)

Ellery: (Gasps) Wow that is really expensive.

Me: Yes that is a dollhouse only for people who are very, very rich. We are not very, very rich.

Ellery: Yeah. We would only be that rich if dad worked on Saturdays and Sundays too.

There seems to be a bit of "fuzzy math" in our family. Don't mind the political allusion. Tomorrow is Election Day.

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Michele said...

Boy don't you just enjoy the innocence of children?