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Little Ballerinas

I am pretty good at a few things. But one thing for which I have no natural talent or affinity, is dancing. A few classic examples.

I was a lost cause even to my beginning Social Dance teacher. BTW, I took the class with Brent. He matched me step for step. Not such a good thing.

Middle School...
My childhood best friend tried to teach me the "Roger Rabbit" for hours one night she slept over when we were 13 years old. I wish I could I remember the music we used. Probably NKOB.

Elementary School...
In fourth grade, Ballet was "the thing" to do. At my pleading my Mom enrolled me in a class with my friends. I remember being in class a few times, completely overwhelmed at my inability to perform. The teacher even spoke with my mother, encouraging her to move me down. The problem: What fourth grader wants to dance with second graders. Mine was a short lived ballet career.

Callista could possibly have some talent. She can at least jump/leap amazingly high. And she loves it. (I loved making their tutus. While I don't dance, I do love to sew and I do love tutus and bows.)
Ellery cried every day when it was time for dance. But as the oldest in the class, she was the star. At least she had that going for her. I think she got all my natural ability though.

A little family photo after the recital.


HanksFam said...

Your girls look so cute in their costumes. Few things make me want to have a girl, but this has to be one of them!

Brittney said...

So cute! I have a secret dream to be a dancer. =) Probably not going to happen. You'll have to teach me to make tutus for my little girl!!