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My Five-Year-Olds first Diaper Change

Behold the results of Ellery's first solo diaper change. I was in the shower. She was so proud of herself. Despite being put on backwards, the velcro tabs held fast through all Emmett's cruising and army crawling.It was even a poopy diaper! Upon inspection I found his chubby little buns semi-clean...not kissable but not bad. She neatly folded up the dirty diaper ready for the wash....because yes, you saw right those are cloth diapers...and placed it in the wash bag. I love cloth. He is wearing a Haute Pockets brand. One of our favorites. Thankfully we didn't snap a photo in the "blossom pink," he doesn't look too manly, but Callista's little bottom sure used to look cute in that shade :)
A plug for cloth diapering...so easy even a five-year-old can do it.