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Thirty-one and Still Going Strong

Last night I panicked. Wondering what I had done with my life. Will I have regrets of these last 30 years. I felt time creeping too fast. I wasn't ready to face a birthday. The night brought little peace as Emmett struggled to sleep and little pip wandered back and forth from room to room (we are trying to transition her to sleep in a room with Ellery). Things weren't shaping up for a great birthday.

However, I woke up to a peaceful 8 mile run in the freshly fallen snow. After five I left my friends, slowed up the pace and just kept going. It was so quiet. So I ran and kept counting my blessings. Perfect.

Thanks to my amazing husband for a wonderful birthday. His present to me...an enhanced, beautified, economized laundry room. The best present ever. I am up so late because I just keep wandering into it and gazing around and hanging things up. A little piece of heaven in my home. Contented Sigh...
Snow, snow, snow all day long. But my girls and I enjoyed making a yummy Chocolate Buttermilk Texas Sheet Cake made with kamut flour, brown rice syrup and agave. Delicious! Frosted with whipped cream sweetened with agave and a little cocoa powder, butter and vanilla. Then my wonderful sister Monica babysat and Brent took me to Sushi. A perfect day. I guess I will take 31 afterall. Life just keeps getting better. Bring it on.

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