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The Week with No Microwave Experiment

We must perforce accept a new way of life.

Brent just introduced me to this new word, "perforce." It means, by necessity. A past-time we enjoy is vocabulary scavenging. Our dictionaries are kept close at hand to elucidate the convoluted verbiage in the books we peruse :)

My microwave gave out tonight. I did a bit of research and apparently we purchased a lemon of a make and model. So perforce we are accepting a new way of life this week. I always feel a bit uneasy popping things in the microwave. Immediately all those good enzymes in my food are denatured and destroyed. So we are trying an experiment. No micro for one week.

Really what I am most disappointed about are the rice bags.

Kiss goodbye the toasty tickling feet at bed time. Playing footsie with your husband and a rice bag in bed, far outweighs the alternative: him trying to squish his ice cold digits in my warmest pits! Ellery and Callista snuggle incessantly with their own. And have discovered a new found freedom heating them up themselves...Maybe this is why the micro gave out? How many 3 minutes cycles can it handle...

I can't think of an alternative way to warm them? Any ideas? Necessity is the mother of invention...I better get creative.

We shall see how the week goes. If I can learn to live without a microwave...I could fit double ovens!!! Wow. The things that bring me joy. I think I would have gagged at myself if I read this when I was 14-years-old. Double ovens and joy? Who would have thought.

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Susan M said...

About five years ago I rented an apartment in Boston that (unknown to me at the time) basically had its original 1920s electrical system. I pretty much had to turn out the lights to use my hairdryer, and the first time I tried my microwave it let out what sounded like a groan of agony. So I did without, gave away the micro and got used to it quickly. I've surprised even myself by never replacing it even after moving to a home with 20th century utilities. Go figure.