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New Years Resolutions: Part 1

Choose the events. And... Pay the Money. This years docket:

March 21: Moab 1/2 Marathon...Goal: 1:30. Run fast. Run hard. Pray for good weather.

April 20: Boston Marathon...Goal: Complete with a smile, and enjoy a fabulous vacation.

Training starts full force the end of January. I am currently running around 20-30 miles a week, in 3 runs. It is blissful at 6 am and 12 degrees outside. Actually, the winter running has been a perfect fit for me. However...I am enjoying a cycling and kickboxing class on my non-run days...I will miss abandoning them at the end of the month.

July: Spudman Triathlon...Goal: Conquer my fear of Open Water and achieve a PR.

Swim the entire course freestyle with confidence...as a former swimmer this should be a piece of cake for me but the open water throws me for loops. I thought about not doing the race this year, because it was so frightening for me last year with my panic attack. But...this is something I can conquer. It is not beyond my physical abilities. But it scares me. A lot.


Monica said...

you are so hardcore!

Ipo said...

So you are one of them crazy people I see running around in the dark early morning hours! My blood and freezing cold air don't Ymix. But you are awesome!! I'm planning to do my first marathon this year...the Honolulu in December. I figure if I'm going to be running that long, I might as well enjoy a treat of a long sleep on the beach afterwards....plus my cousin did it this past month and inspired me to join her neXT year.

By the way, I'm loving your blog and all the yummy recipes. I'm going to try some of them out soon!