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Go Cougars

Actually, the best part of this game was our transportation. I'll paraphrase Melody, who flew by us on a scooter...When I saw this massive entourage of bikes and trailers I knew it must be you!
It is a fun treat for the family to attend one home game a year. Emmett enjoyed flirting with all the fans. Ellery and Callista schemed on how to get pictures with the cheerleaders. No field passes this year, darn it.

I count one of my blessings my husband's decision he's spent enough of his life on football (a high school and some of college obsession) and he doesn't need to dedicate any more of his life or time to it.


Jo Lynn said...

Love BYU games and what a great thing that your hubby doesn't feel the need to sit in front of the tv wasting hours watching and following games. :) I love Casey for that same reason!

Ryan said...

We probably could have won another national championship if only Brent had decided to be selfish and continue in his football domination.