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"Smoke By Day"

Ellery is going to be Princess Leia for Halloween. All though she has never seen star wars, she is fully aware of the characters. She desperately wanted to be Leia for Halloween but the Princess Leia dress was not nearly fancy enough. (In a week you will see our version of Leia) All this talk about star wars has trickled into her art. Hence, most recent drawings contain "cute girls" with the iconic buns. I think in our house we burn through a ream of paper in a couple weeks flat. My children are prolific artists. I am constantly fascinated about what they pick up and how it comes out in what they draw.

We just finished reading The Hundred Dresses. A wonderful book about kindness and the consequences of our actions. It also includes a "Dress Drawing" contest. This clearly resonated with Ellery and Callista. We had our own contest designing dresses. This morning Ellery was taking me through probably 25 drawings. When she came to the drawing below, I was clearly confused. She didn't skip a beat....
"And this one is a cloud of smoke by day." I got quite a chuckle at the Mosaic imagery she so naturally threw in amongst her drawings of a hundred dresses! At least she is picking up on things besides Star Wars.

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Jo Lynn said...

So cute, can't wait to see her all dressed up!