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Visions of Halloween

It's Halloween....Testing out a little witches brew...
The wagon was not nearly fast enough for Ellery. She raced from house to house certain the candy would be gone if she didn't get there before everyone else!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...let down your long golden hair.
This dress I made a couple years ago for Ellery. It was ridiculously expensive to make, covered in glittered organza, iridescent sequins and fur trim...I was determined the dress must be used multiple times. Thankfully Callista loved it.
Meow! I took the easy way out this year with Em. He was the cat again. Why is it that he is 20 months and fits in a 9 month costume? It is so darn cute though.May the force be with you. Ellery's costume only took a couple hours to make. A nice break from cat costumes and ultra fancy princesses. But it sure turned out cute. She was the most beautiful Leia around, that's for sure.
Somehow I picked up this hunky scoundrel along the way. So moonstruck and romantic. Not sure what he is dressed as?
Imagine my luck. I always thought it would come back to bite me how my parents didn't pay for dental work...
but brent saw through all that. My son still has a difficult time. Who is this woman holding my hand, and where is my mother?
I will finish my spinach so I can eat the negotiated 4 pieces of candy.

We get stricter each year. The girls however have been talking about making their candy turkeys for a full year however so they are thrilled to save the candy to decorate!

I did stay true to our principles and handed out pencils and stickers this year instead of candy. We only had just a few trick-or-treaters however. Where was everyone? It was a gorgeous evening. Hmm? Happy Halloween to all!


Za said...

Beautiful costumes.

Jo Lynn said...

Wow, I'm so impressed that you made their costumes and princess lei was BEAUTIFUL and her hair, what is that for buns? I'm impressed with them only getting four pieces of candy, that's great. There is a dentist in town that gives money for each lb of candy you donate and he gives them to the armed forces to hand out in other countries! Happy Halloween, love all your costumes and the moon sure what beautiful last night.

Rebecca said...

The buns are just braided yarn. Thanks!