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Into the Missionary Training Center

She made it! An awkward Friday...a couple days late...well a couple plus six weeks late...but she is there and she will be a better missionary because of these fews weeks and days.

Monica is ready to serve the Lord. Doesn't she look beautiful?

What a great example for my children.

All growing up I was adamant I would serve a mission the day I turned 21. Nothing was going to stop me from serving the Lord in this way. That is until Brent. He turned all my plans upside down. And while I believe I would have been a great missionary, I also turned out to be a pretty okay wife. And I am trying hard to be a pretty okay mom.

The Lord's dictates to women to serve missions are a bit different than men. It is not a responsibility. Instead a worthy option and opportunity. When presented with an eternity with my sweet Brent, the choice was easy. But clearly a paradigm shift. In fact, it was extremely difficult for my parents. The shift was not smooth or clear for them. Muddy, rocky and difficult would all be words I would use to describe their reaction to my relationship with Brent at the tender age of 19 and 20 years old!

In 25 years you'll find Brent and I serving our guts out somewhere in the world to move the gospel of Jesus Christ forward. NYC, Cambodia...who knows, pins and needles until :)


HanksFam said...

I've loved these last two posts. What a story she'll have to tell someday. I'm sure she'll be a great missionary!

Jo Lynn said...

Yeah for Monica, that is so so exciting and I love the picture of all you girls, so sweet! I'm sure that was a hard day to say goodbye, but she will be in our prayers and she will do great! I didn't know you met your husband at 19, so sweet. You'll have to tell that story on another post. I was dead set on serving a mission as well, but the Lord made it very clear to me that this was not what he wanted me to do. :) I'm sure you one fabulous wife and mother!!!!

Just curious, why is she six weeks late in making it to the MTC?

Ashley said...

Yeah for Monica!!! I'm so happy she made her way to the MTC! SHe will be such a fantastic missionary! I remember how gun-hoe you were about serving, but I also remember when you fell in love, it was very sweet. It all worked out for the best.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome time for your family. My son comes home Thursday from his 2 year mission in Japan. It is an exciting time for everyone when they go on a mission. A little sad but the spirit is so strong. You guys will get to live her mission with her as sends you her updates.

Katie Ryan (Osmer) said...

Knock em dead Monica!!! We're so excited for you!