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Double Trouble

I searched the internet, and apparently this is extremely unusual. But our Miriam lays 2 eggs every time. We are certain of it. In 4 sittings she alone has produced 8 eggs. Prolific. She may calm down in a month or two who knows. But with her fluffy behind hard at work, the eggs are building up fast!

They also have ravenous appetites. My hens ate an entire 8x10 pan of vegan enchiladas. Does that let you know how much we enjoyed them, that they got the entire pan? Also their favorite treat in the morning is left over Multigrain hot cereal. They are producing some serious vitamin packed eggs.

Most nutritionists argue the way to tell how healthy an egg is by the color of the yolk. The darker orange the yolk the healthier the egg. However, not all sources agree. Commercial egg producers claim there is no nutritional difference. It is also controversial because some commercial producers use chicken feed laced with dye or feed their hens marigold leaves to get the dark coloration.

Most agree the darker color is a result of higher levels of xanthophyll a pigment obtained from carotenoids and in conjunction with chlorophyl. This would indicate to me a healthier egg.

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Jo Lynn said...

Wow!! That's great, wish we lived close enough to try some. :) Huge difference in color, can't wait! We are hoping to get baby chicks once we get a house which seems like such a mess in this wonderful state of California...hopefully we find something soon.