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Would God Write a Post Like That?

I think if I have the gall to write post claiming to assume the behavior of God I better be darn careful not to be hypocritical about it. Upon further reflection, even the title reeks of hypocrisy.

While I stand behind the basic premise of the post, I believe the Lord is disappointed in this type of desecration of His Holy day and it is not an activity our family will participate in, I also believe He would not have dealt with it the same way I did. I am ultimately responsible for the posts on this blog.

God nor his servants, do not mince words and condone our actions when they do not please Him. However, He also refrains from sarcasm and condescension. Instead, His language is one of love unfeigned and temperance. If I make any such grandiose claims as the title and content of my Superbowl blog suggested, I will try to do so with more congruence in the future. If I really am trying to model my life after Him, I better do so with exactness.

I stand corrected and will be more vigilant in the future. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


HanksFam said...

Rebecca, you were up very early thinking about this... you're a great person and I know your intentions are pure.

On a lighter note, what's your take on soy lecithin? I use it in my bread.

Lissa said...

I'm hazarding a guess that this musing is Brent's? I admire your humbleness and willingness to self-reflect.


(who will write more later :})

Rebecca said...

It should have said "we." A combined response.

Rebecca said...

Soy Lecithin. I used to put it in my bread Megan, but I had a serious souring to soy. I now avoid it at all costs. Growing up the only vegetarian in my home, my mom was awesome to try and accomodate me. She gave me a lot of soy for the "protein." (Now I feel it is a myth we need so much protein. 3 years ago, at the insistence of a naturopathic doctor I cut soy cold turkey. I have to say it is the only thing I have ever eliminated from my diet and seen such a drastic correlation! My hormones immediately regulated. I went from having my menstrual cycle every 17 days to every 28 days clockwork. I lost cramping and pms symptoms. It was amazing.

The estrogen-like compounds in soy were wreaking havoc on my body. I don't give it at all to my family, except for a small amount in fermented form, like miso or tamari, and occasional raw edemame.

Now the amount of soy lecithin you put into bread is very small. I can't imagine it would make your boys grow breasts or change your menstrual cycle :) But also, I think you can make an amazing loaf without it. I become more and more minimalist. If I don't need to put an additive in I leave it out. Long answer I know :)

Thanks for you support. It is amazing how the Lord sometimes wakes us up from a deep sleep with a clear answer :)