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Wheatgrass Solution

This is my decorative attempt at wheatgrass. Since I have no utility room and zero room in my kitchen I decided to try my luck with a little shelf in the front room. It actually look okay and my wheatgrass seems to like the climate. I put the place mats, and plastic down to protect the wood.

The effort is a success so far. I am also growing less at one time, than I tried to do before. It helps too, because I have no green thumb. It is all I can do to attempt to keep one tray alive, let alone 3-4 moldfree!


Kelly Spence said...

Can you explain how you grow wheat grass? Do you use a juicer to make the juice? I've read you can just use a blender. I thought I saw a post about wheat grass on your blog before, but I looked around and couldn't find it.

Miller time said...

Hey Rebecca I think I have a couple more posts that I need to post. I'm thinking monday Will be a good day to send it out. I'll text you the green flag to send it. thank you so much , I 'm way excited !!!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Kelly,

I use an Omega 8003 juicer. It has worked great. But also sometimes I just throw a handful of grass into our morning smoothie. We have a blendtec, so it really pulverizes. I think in order for the fiberous wheatgrass to bee digestable you need a strong blender like a blendtec or vitamix. I have read though, the best way is to juice it. That is what the purists say. Sometimes though it is just easier to throw it in with the smoothie. I figure it can't be hurting us :)

Kelly Spence said...

Thanks! I use a blend tec. Maybe I will throw it in my smoothie sometime.