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Handmade Receiving Blankets

Callista is doing it all here! Pressing the presser foot and guiding the material.

In anticipation of an upcoming family vacation, we decided to take advantage of the "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." All members of your family, six and over, can sign up to participate in a local service opportunity and receive a free pass. We decided to help out the local United Way chapter by making 9 receiving blankets.

The children had a wonderful time choosing fabric at the fabric stores, and then picking a decorative stitch, and thread colors of their choice to sew on the blankets, after I finished the edge. Even 5 year-old cousin Mark was enthralled for 30 minutes while we worked on his blanket.

They pushed the down on the "foot" and guided the fabric. It was a perfect opportunity for a first experience using the machine. They really couldn't go wrong with no seams and straight stitching. They developed confidence and had a great sense of accomplishment. This was a wonderful experience for the children in skill building and service. Great idea by Disney. (Not to mention it will save us some money.)

Noelle, Callista, Markie, and Ellery holding their blankets.

We actually ended up making 10 blankets. Mark made an extra for his brand new baby brother. He was beaming. So proud! This is Mark's blanket. All the children's turned out equally as precious.

By the way, here is a sewing tip for any budding seamstresses...

I have this fabulous presser foot called a Shell Hemmer. If you have a Bernina it is #69. It is absolutely the best foot I have. I love it and use it constantly. It saves me huge amounts of time ironing and measuring and hemming. In one swoop it turns the fabric under and finishes the edge. It does require practice to perfect, but once you figure it out, priceless!


Jo Lynn said...

What a beautiful thing Rebecca, what a fun thing for the children to do and then to be rewarded with a disney trip..so great!

Za said...

Great idea!Ianne has been asking for months to go to Disney World, now there's a way!