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Emmett Turns Two and....

...there is NOTHING terrible about it!
He tips the scales at a whopping 24 lbs. But what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in sweetness in huge proportions. He has always been a bit shrimpy. We don't hold it against him.
There was a lot I didn't know before this little one came into our life.... The surprise was a good one!
We look quite happy. I had no idea how I would change with this baby. I enjoyed every single moment with Emmett from the time he was born. He calmed and soothed me.
The third week of his life when he was hospitalized threw me for a loop. It took me a long time to get over the feeling that his time with us would be cut short. Everything about my little Emmett seemed too good to be true.
Thankfully, that feeling faded. Although his time is so short with us, I no longer feel it will be abbreviated.
He adores his Grandma and Grandpa. He can't get enough of his Mimi and Papi.
I am fully cognizant of the breeze ride this little guy is. I think he has thrown one tantrum in his entire life.
In new situations he is just timid enough to snuggle me tight and smother me with kisses. After several minutes however, he is off and running searching for "cahrs" (aka anything with wheels and presumably a motor) to show anyone and everyone.
While "no" is an integral part of his vocabulary, there is something so disarming in his defiance. I have yet to find a mean bone in this child's body. On the extremely infrequent occasion when he is overwhelmed with emotion at having to leave a car outside, he may by chance throw a little whack. In moments he is so genuinely penitent and affectionate, he has yet to be disciplined I think.
He is a ruthlessly picky eater. Now, he has even taken to avoiding hot cereal. It used to save me, I knew I could count on him eating it. His staples are smoothies, and toast. And he begs for cheese. He also has a honing device for Brent's Cliff Bars, which I begrudgingly keep around the house. Could it be the chocolate chips? He also pines for the junk jar. But that he is refused.
A special treat is "gummy" straight from Mom's mouth. I let him chew the xylitol gum for his little teeth. His animal "hide" is still precious to him. He is devoted to his sisters and unabashedly joins in playing Barbies or Polly's (as long as he is running the cahrs).
I am certain Emmett will have teenage moments. But his loving personality is so distinctive and characterizing, I know he won't stray far.
This little guy gave me "real" smiles at only one week old.
I count everyday I spend with my Emmett a blessing. Even if his life ends up throwing me for a loop, which it could, he has me smitten. His cake wasn't nearly as fancy as last year....but it tasted fabulous. (Although, he would disagree.)
I love you Emmett! Happy Birthday and looking forward to a wonderful third year together.


Jo Lynn said...

Beautiful post, what a sweet boy you have!!!! Loved all the pictures and reading about his cute unique personality, it's amazing how each of God's children are so different from one another!

Brittney said...

What a sweet boy and what a sweet post! Little boys definitely have a way of melting a mom's heart. :)

I need to call you so we can chat! I'll give you a call next week. Tell Char congratulations for me!!