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Cross Your Fingers!

One more hurdle to jump and tomorrow could be the day Berkeley comes home!

If she doesn't lose weight in the next 24 hours we are home free.

Well, sort of free...we will still have the oxygen and apnea monitor but at least we will be home!!

And Happy Canada Day to Grandma and Grandpa and all my other Canadian relatives out there. Wish we could have been at the Raymond Rodeo today :)


Michele said...

Well that is exciting news! My fingers are crossed and you are in my prayers! Hope I can come visit soon, sure do miss your visits and I wish you and your family well.

EmJay said...

Yay! I hope she gets to come home tomorrow.

Jo Lynn said...

Oh I hope and pray you get to take your little angel home! I love the name Aurora...your little sleeping beauty! I love the golden key and you shouldn't have to relinquish it, you poor thing. I really can't imagine having to leave and bless your heart for having to go through that! :) Love the green Hawaii dress and how observant your little boy is..seriously so sweet! Your family and little girl are in our prayers as always!

Sara said...

Congrats on Berkeley. I will have to get the details. I feel so out of the loop as we have been traveling before we get on the plane to Japan. I am in Orem right now staying at my parents place. Would love to visit but I know it is a busy time for you. I will try and call you. I hope you are able to bring Berkely home soon!

Love you Becca. Hang in there tough lady!