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Fashion Sensitive

Of all my children, Emmett is most sensitive about what he wears.
Recently, he is just as sweet as peaches and cream, if he can wear his swimming suits all day.
That includes a desperate attempt to wear one to church on Sunday as well.

Somehow, he has ended up with three swimming outfits.
I think he likes these nine-month size shirts because they make his muscles look big.
What do you think?

These photos of course are taken over the course of a single day.


Michele said...

That is so stinkin' cute! Zane loves his as well, but he prefers to be a diaper boy, he does not like getting dressed. Back to emmett, they do make his muscles look big! ;) He's getting so big!

Sarah said...

he is too cute.

Brittney said...

That's awesome! My boys are the same. Who would have thought they'd be so particular?!