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Prepping for Home

They like to call it "Rooming In" I like to call it a sleepover, or possibly a girls night out.

Berkeley and I had a fabulous time spending our first night together.

She woke up right on cue to eat and only set off her alarms a couple times from faulty connections.
I relished just sitting on the bed and holding her.
It was freezing in the room however, and I had to ask the nurse to bring warm blankets a couple times because the poor lamb was freezing.

Berkeley also had the infamous "car seat test." All of our children, excluding Emmett have needed it. They ended up needing to turn her oxygen up a bit as she was desating in her carseat. But the oxygen levels she is on are very minimal, only a trace.

She needed quite a few blankets to tuck her in snuggly in her carseat. They tried to convince me to buy a new car seat, because mine is expired. I'm sorry, but I think that is ridiculous. It has never been in an accident, is in excellent condition, has a 5 point harness and latch system. I think the car seat companies have lobbied the APA.

It's almost time.

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