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How I Feel

A bit frustrated.

That's how little Berks and I felt about our doctors appointments last week. My blood pressure continues to be quite erratic. Those darn "bad" genes keep kicking in. High some days and low others. My doctors were concerned. Thankfully they are giving me some time to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and to start exercising again. Hopefully that will bring things under control.

Speaking of weight...Berkeley was 7 lbs 5 oz. That was our token piece of good news. She is gaining weight like a champ. You will begin to notice a bit of chubbiness peaking through.
But what was so puzzling is she had zero improvement on her oxygen needs. It was disappointing. I don't know at what point I begin to get more concerned about a possible alternative underlying issue.

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Jo Lynn said...

I'm so sorry, what a disappointing day for you both!!! When you say bad genes I'm guessing you have family members who struggle with the same issues? She is such a doll and so happy to hear she's gaining weight, yeah!