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Visions of our First Days as Six

My parents returned from Canada and came to visit us this weekend. We were ever so grateful for their help. It hadn't really dawned us that it was a holiday weekend, or that the children might enjoy celebrating. Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa came equipped with sparklers and fireworks.

They also helped us get organized with our sweet little addition finally home. Saturday morning we had a frightening moment. When I came to check on Berkeley, she had pulled her canula out of her nose. She was dusky with blue eyes and mouth. I wasn't sure if she was alive. It was a terrifying moment, one I won't soon be able to erase from my mind. I ran to her oxygen and pumped it up.

Here is her stationary tank, we keep in my closet.

She immediately regained color. We set up a camera so she can be under constant supervision. Big Brother is definitely watching in our house, and Big Mama and Big Papa. It is a live feed to our computers and ipod.

Sunday afternoon we gave Berkeley her first bath at home.

It wasn't quite the spa experience of the hospital nursery, but she loved it.
And as you can see from the photos, she was attended to by quite a crowd.

Speaking of bath time, I'm not sure who told Emmett he needed a shower cap, but he sure looks darn cute in it.

While I was in the hospital Grandma took the kids out and remade their bathroom. They think it so wonderful. She also stocked them with strawberry princess bubblebath, and fruity flouride toothpaste, wonderful things mama is far too much of a purist to buy.


Brittney said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this. What sweet pictures, and what a scary experience. I'm glad everything is going well now! Can't wait to meet her!

Jo Lynn said...

Oh my gosh that is so scary!! I really can't imagine, I'm so glad she's okay and what a great idea to have a camera in there. She's a strong little thing to be able to pull her tubes out.

Love the bathroom updo and so glad you had your parents with you to help!!!