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The Blogger World

If pbskids.org had a blog, ellery and callista would be the number one posters I'm sure. Of course I have to teach them to type first! I had no idea of the community of bloggers on the web. My friends have some beautiful sites devoted to their families and I love checking up on all of them. However I am just beginning to delve into the networks of mothers and parents and vegetarians etc. I'm excited about the networking potential. I have always loved researching on the internet before I buy everything, but the whole blogging world adds a new and great twist on this. It is an instant forum for discussion. I think we are all more connected. But that does pose an interesting question, because we are all sitting alone at our computers! Hmmm.


Sara said...

Welcome to the blogger world...it is great and a lot of fun. I got the cap trappers you sent. Thank you so much. I've given them to my friends and will give you whatever feedback they give me. I can't wait to show them to my kids. Congrats on fitting into your pre pregnancy jeans. I can't wait. With only 10 weeks to go I am anxious to get out of maternity clothes.

Rebecca said...

hey sara, glad you got them! Let me know what you think! I hope you saved some for yourself!

Anonymous said...

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