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Unexpected Annoyances!

At first glance Ellery appears to be enjoying the blissful warm showers of Springtime. Look Closer!

Yes, that is snow! She was freezing her little toes off when I shot this picture! What I want to know is when will this end? I am ready for Spring. Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree. About every 4 days this Spring we have had a snowstorm! Combine never ending snow and brand new baby and you see why I am fighting unbearable "stir-craziness!"

The weather isn't the only unexpected annoyance. I have found that since beginning this company, deadlines have a different meaning in the small business world than I had always thought. Essentially, it is pretty useless to set a deadline. Manufacturers, independent contractors, everyone has there own ideas, and I am definetly not in charge (yet?). It is like saying, from this day forward April 30th there will be no more snow. Yeah right. So what this means is I am desperately trying to stifle my rigid natural tendencies and become more flexible. I think these snowstorms are trying to teach me something on more than one level.


Brittney said...

I'm dying for spring weather!! I think "spring" as we've known it is becoming nonexistent here in UT. Anyway, I love the good reviews you've gotten! I've sent one set of Cap Trappers to a teacher here in SLC, so I'll pass on feedback when I get some! =)

Anonymous said...

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