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Doggy for Hire

From about age 7-12 I begged and pleaded with my parents for a dog. But my mom would never give in. She said they were too much work and her own 5 children were enough. Eventually the burning need sizzled out, and now, yep you guessed it, I am the mom saying to my children "no dogs, they are too much work, my 3 children are enough." However, I have the perfect answer to this age-old conflict....Keep reading...

Doggy-for-Hire. Well I guess we don't pay for him but we loan him from my mom who lives 2 hours away. His name is Brim and he is an angel of a dog. In fact, my mom (the same mom that would never consider a dog when I was so pining for one) claims he is an allergy-free pooch, no shedding, no dog smell...I'm not so sure I concur with the "dog smell" but he is a darn good dog. Here's how it works. About once a month, Brimmie comes to stay at our house. My children think they have a dog, and I didn't even have to potty or puppy train him.

After about 4 days, just when the poor thing is so loaded full of doggy treats he can hardly move (it is not unheard of for a full bag of pupperonies to disappear in a single feeding from Callista, sorry mom if you are reading this) and he is cowering under the slide (because let's be honest, the entire neighborhood gang thinks Brim is their dog) we drive him back to grandmas, or grandma comes to get him (usually the case since my mom is an angel herself).

So maybe if your children are begging for a dog, you could work out a doggy for hire with a friend or relative, maybe you and your friends could go in together and buy a dog...possibly my mom should just start a Doggy-for-Hire business (I'll mention it to her) But be forewarned, I think my 5 year old is wising up to my charade, she has started to protest when I say "Of course we have a dog Ellery."

Here comes the far-fetched analogy you have all been waiting for. Isn't it great when people share with others the amazing things they have done; when they are willing to let you be a part of the "perfect dog" they have nurtured, trained, and created after years of hard-work. These are the angels I am looking for to help me as I am clamoring to make something successful out of a business. I have to admit my husband is a pretty expert "dog trainer" which I have totally needed. I'm so grateful for the help of those brave women who have gone before. I am excited to attend a messaging workshop this month put on for free, by an expert. Check out her website www.thewritingway.com Aren't we all lucky some people are willing to share their Doggy-For-Hire with us!

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