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Newspaper Interviews and Priorities

I never had any intentions of being an entrepreneur. I never thought I had any ideas. But I had one idea. And I am totally passionate about that one idea. So I am doing what it takes to make it happen.

However, I think key for any mompreneur is to get a really good team behind her. I am so lucky because I have my fabulous husband. He is an experienced entrepreneur. And successful at it too. Which can't be said for a lot of entrepreneurs. Here is one example of what he does for me.

Tomorrow I have 2 interviews. (I guess the press release was decent.) One with ****** and the other with *********. I am excited about both of these. Tonight Brent helped me practice answering questions. Because lets keep it real, I am totally a bumbler. Bumbling is not what anyone in the press wants for sure. He has this amazing knack for saying things clearly and concisely. I'm not totally hopeless, but pretty close!

A little thought on priorities. My family is totally number one. Today I found myself putting off Ellery. Telling her to be patient and wait while I emailed. I thought about it for a second and the sweet little lamb had been so patient. I was distracted. So I closed the computer and took her to the park. First things first.

Cap Trappers are set to revolutionize the way people use markers. :) The word is starting to spread.

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Margret said...

Congratulations!! I wish you great success with both your interviews, and with Cap Trappers. Bless you for keeping it real and being a great Mom!