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Press Releases and Producers

What a crazy day! It seemed like I was either "Diego" rescuing "baby jaguar" (Emmett) with "Alicia" (Pip) or emailing or on the phone. It was great I was talking to my sister Monica and had to say, "Hold on, this is the producer on the other line." So official huh!

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night so to try to prevent a deluge of wrinkles for my photo-op on Friday I am headed to bed.

Oh...I did send out my first press release to the local media. How fun!

....Here it is...If you know anything about press releases feel free to slaughter this one, hopefully I will be better next time.

The ****** ***** Show Visit Orem Stay-At-Home-Mom-Inventor

“It has been an amazing whirlwind…I am just a mom but I am passionate about this product and it looks likes *** is too!”

Orem, UT, May 13, 2008—Former teacher and stay-at-home-mom, Rebecca Davidson, never thought of herself as an entrepreneur or inventor. But six months ago she had a little idea and **** and *********, think it is huge. On Friday, the film crew flies out from ******** to interview and film a day in her life as a mom and entrepreneur. So what is ***** so excited about?

Rebecca explains when she taught in the public schools, and now as a mom she constantly battled lost, dry, and messy marker pens. It seemed everyone wanted markers but the headaches weren’t worth it. Then she had an ah-ha moment and conceived Cap Trappers. Cap Trappers are a simple, inexpensive solution to keep caps together and out of little children’s mouths, and markers organized and portable. With an idea she was passionate about she started her company Savvy May Creations. The last four months she worked out the design, manufacturing, and packaging of Cap Trappers. They are currently sold on Amazon.com.

“It has been an amazing whirlwind the last 24 hours. The producer called yesterday to tell me they want me on their show to pitch my little idea to a mass retailer. I’m still in shock at the amazing opportunity this will be for my company. I am so lucky to get this huge break. I am just a mom but I totally believe in this and it looks like ***** does too!” After filming in Orem, the show will fly Rebecca out to *** on May 29th and 30th for studio filming and for the “*****” The spot will air in early June.

For more information visit www.CapTrappers.com or email Rebecca@SavvyMayCreations.com, 801.221.7430.



Brittney said...

Sounds good! You're going to be famous!! (And I get to say I was your old college roommate...)

Amy said...

Also sounds great to me. Can't wait to read it in all the papers.