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Fight Back

Since ***** doesn't want me to fly out to **** this weekend, where I should be right now...I have decided to just go to work and make my own destiny. In fact for the first time I started contacting retailers, and guess what? They are actually writing me back, calling me and are interested. I am stealthily searching out email addresses and phone numbers, yes I actually called a couple CEO's yesterday. All this without paying thousands of dollars a year for a service.

Cap Trappers are a good product. I am confident of it. Retailers that jump on board are for sure going to be the lucky ones!! And thankfully we are fully equipped to handle large orders and deadlines. Thanks to the help of my amazing partner Brent.

If you want to balance home and family successfully, just make sure you don't try to do everything yourself.

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Amy said...

You are so inspiring! I wish I could have some of your braveness! I hate making calls.