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Friends and Business on Skype

The world is so small. We aren't all that different. These are 2 things I have learned in the last 6 months. As I was contacting and trying to find the best manufacturer to make my product I corresponded with so many different people. I used email and skype. It was interesting using just those 2 mediums how I could get a feel for personalities. It was important for me to find someone who I actually enjoyed talking with and trusted with my business. Someone responsive and friendly. I knew I found that person when I met Sadie.

Sadie and I have spoken almost every night on Skype for the last 6 months. Not just about business but about life. It is interesting the similar struggles people all over the world have. It is mostly business but every once in while we talk about family, food, interests....

Everybody out there is just trying to make it. Each of us in our way. While making our way it is great to find friends. Sadie is only one of many friends I have made in this endeavor. And each one of them has added something of value to my life.

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