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The Great Hummingbird Rescue

Today I saw a hummingbird land. I have never witnessed it before in my life. I was sitting on my porch feeding Emmett, and I heard a whirrrring above me. I looked up and before I knew it a hummingbird darted through my front door. The poor little thing beat against our front windows for probably 15 minutes. He exerted tremendous effort beating against the glass, certain he could escape. But as tough as that little guy was, it got him nowhere, especially not to those yummy flowers dripping with nectar!

Brent tried shooing him out but this hummingbird was determined he knew the way. As I watched him, I have to admit I was totally mesmerized throughout this entire episode, he landed on the top of the double hung sill, as if panting for breath. Then he would shoot himself up again with renewed vigor. Against the same glass.

Finally to our little friends fortune, he fell down far enough to find the open window below him. In a moment he zipped away, literally into the sunset.

The moral of the story. Don't beat against the glass. It will get you nowhere. Of course "you" is always referring to "me," but it feels a lot easier to say "you."
Never assume you know more than the large man with the fly swatter trying to point you in the right direction. (I have no idea what or who the large man with the fly swatter represents. Annd of course large is relative because Brent is not large man. ) I better make sure I am not exertig large amounts of precious energy beating against a window. I don't think I am. But then again neither did the hummingbird!


Carlene said...

The same thing happened to us in Pittsburgh and we later learned that birds that do that see their reflection and are thinking it is a different bird and so they are wanting to attack to claim their territory. Interesting, huh.


Brittney said...

I love the "large man w/ the fly swatter" part of the story. And from the sound of things you're breaking down walls instead of beating against a window!