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Westminster Clambake

Tonight Brent and I had a great opportunity to speak at a fund raising event for Westminster College. Brent just finished his MBA there this Spring. He had fabulous experience in the program, and the money we won in the business plan competition gave us the cash to make our first tooling and order our first Cap Trappers for marketing.

Writing a business plan is a fantastic practice for anyone trying to start a business. It forced us to think through our strategies and to evaluate the market and financial aspects. After 2 solid months of working on the plan, it was clear the need existed and the idea was viable. It also allowed us to apply the concepts and principles we had been learning. I say "we" because I was his study buddy through the program. We decided instead of putting a strain on our marriage by all the time away, I would do the program with him. I read the books and we discussed and did homework, papers and projects together. (I still need to talk to them about an honorary degree :) !)

We were asked to speak at this event at the President's home, to discuss our experiences, and the future of our company. It was a high class event with lobsters flown in from Maine that morning! I saw them put them into the boiling bed of seaweed and squirm around as they slowly cooked to death. Needless to say, I did not have lobster! We got to hobnob with very prominent professionals in the Salt Lake area. Brent was a charmer of course, especially with the old ladies!

I connected with the President, Michael Bassis and his wife Mary. They met on an Outward Bound adventure. Twelve years ago I backpacked in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado for 30 days with Outward Bound. It was a life changing experience. But that is for a different post.

Brent and I plan to stay connected with the college. Hopefully we will someday be members of the Presidents Innovation Network ($10,000 yearly contribution minimum). There is something really neat about small colleges. Something we found lacking in our undergraduate experiences.

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