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Household Entropy

It seems the last month all the "things" in my life have been moving at an accelerated pace towards entropy. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it harks back to my Science days. It is a law of physics which, in a nut-shell, states that everything in the universe is moving from an ordered to a disordered state.

Here is a list of the acceleration towards entropy in my life:

  • After months of knowing it would happen, and trying to keep Pip and El out of the "underwater soothing bouncer" (you all know it, the blue one that was the huge rage 5 years ago) it broke. The metal just bent in half. I guess it really does have a weight limit.
  • The camera finally completely stopped working. This one has been in the works for about a year. I think it started the afternoon, against all my better judgment, I let the girls do their own photo shoot. It hasn't been the same since. It began with a large black dot on the lens that seemed to rotate every couple months. Then the center of every picture had a large blurry spot. Miraculously it cured itself for a couple months and now it just decided to give in to entropy and stop working.
  • The razor phone is no more. After 4 replacements which had absolutely nothing to do with my careless nature, this one was my pure brilliance. I thought an effective way to wash the makeup off my phone would be to run it through the washing machine. I have been holding out hope it would dry up and start working, (it seems everyone I know has a story of leaving their phone in a blizzard, dropping it in the toilet...and they resurrect back to life) but it was not to be with mine. It is very clean. Do yourself a favor, check your jeans pockets before you do the wash.
  • And finally, as the icing on the cake, I ran over my stroller. This was no small run over. Somehow I managed to crush the frame. Again in a moment of brilliance I thought I could bend it back in shape. I jumped and bent and twisted. I was certain it would still work. So I brought it to the mall. When we reached the furthest point possible away from our car, the wheel fell off. What I mean by this is the metal bar on which the wheel is attached actually broke off. So in one arm I was carrying my car seat, the other arm my stroller, all the while trying to hold Ellery's hand, as she panics if a car or stranger comes near, and trying to explain to Callista who refused to budge off the ground why I couldn't hold her, and why she couldn't ride in the stroller. It was one of my better moments for sure. Where were all those gallant gentlemen offering to help me?

So there it is. Am I the only one these things happen to? I am going to try to reassure myself that the law of entropy applies to all mothers in the universe, not just me.


Margret said...

Sorry about entropy tripping you up, but it will surely pass. These are the kind of days we tell our kids about in the years ahead....

My hubby washed his razor in the laundry too! The phone would never work again, but the sim card was fine. We were able to buy a less expensive phone (the kind where there are prepaid minute plans) and when we put the sim card in it, voila! All his phone book listings and things were restored.

Here's to better days ahead!

Brittney said...

You're definitely not the only one, but you sure got hit hard! Is it bad that I laughed picturing you and the kids in the parking lot w/ your broken stroller? Those are the kind of situations where you've got to laugh just to keep from crying! Hopefully things get better for you soon...