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Swimming With Your Eyes Wide Open

Ellery and Callista take these amazing swimming lessons. They cost me an arm and a leg but they are so worth it! My children started out completely at peril in the water. For 4 weeks, MTWF, for only 10 minutes they were coached by an amazing teacher Pam. If anyone ever understood their craft it is Pam. She taught petrified Callista to float safely and peacefully on her back. Both of my children now have a "safety place" to go to if they are ever afraid in the water.

A big part of this swimming program is teaching the children to swim with their eyes open underwater. By doing so they become more comfortable and aware. They can see where the bottom is and which way they need to go to safely get to the surface or wall. With this simple skill of opening their eyes they can experience the water with more confidence.

It isn't always comfortable to open your eyes underwater. In fact it stings. But for part of the lesson they are required to not wear goggles. Then finally they can put them on. Callista loves her goggles so much in fact she can often be found wearing for major portions of the day.

I think sometimes I get very excited things, but when plunged in the water I shut my eyes and start floundering. With this ****** experience, I am actually very glad it has been postponed. I would have flown to **** and stepped on the elevator with my eyes squished shut. I think the result would have been a lot of floundering.

The past week has afforded me the chance to better train myself to swim underwater with my eyes open. I have gained inside information that is invaluable to me for survival. Some of the information stings a bit, but most of it is just making me more and more confident to move forward.

I now have several accounts in the works, and they could be pretty big. BUT...if I have learned anything it is to not count anything as a done deal until it is done. So I have my goggles on right now and I am pretty comfortable under the water. I may need to take them off again. It might sting a bit. If I do go to *****, which the producer is assuring me that I am, that this delay has nothing to do with me, I feel much better equipped to do so. To enjoy my time and if I was set up for a fall....at least I have my eyes open and know how to quickly get to the wall!

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Brittney said...

Great analogy! Where were the lessons?? I'm glad things are working out despite the problems w/ *******! =)