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Deseret News Feature

Click on this link to check out this fun little article in the Deseret News today from the Imagination at Play museum premier. This was the front page of the Family section. This is an excellent segment to be in. Our other publicity in the papers was in the Business sections. This location will reach our target customers better.

The quotes were a little odd, and the story small.

"Rebecca Davidson needed to solve a problem. "I love to do art activities with my kids, and we like to use markers. But I would get so frustrated because it seemed like the caps would get lost or get left off the markers and they would dry out. I thought, there has to be a better way.

She began making clay models of a simple holder. Made of silicone, it comes in a strip with places for four, eight or 10 markers. "You can do them in a loop or string them together. They are portable. We are just starting to bring them to market. But I think they will save a lot of time."

I think I sound a bit uneducated,(which I don't feel I am)and the Cap Trapper is very difficult to see in the picture, but oh well. All publicity is good publicity! And Emmett finally got his picture in the paper. And there is definitely no missing his bald head (or my wrinkles for that matter).

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Brittney said...

What wrinkles!? You mean those smile lines? Those are good things. =) Emmett's darling, and I'm glad you were featured! Way to go!