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Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas. There is absolutely no reason this little vegetable should have the word "pea" in it. An instant turnoff. That's why in our family we call them "gummies."

These are my little sweet peas growing in my garden. They were really the first vegetable I could get Ellery to eat. In fact she loves them. In hot summer, she runs over to the vines and snaps off as many peas as she can find, and hides them in the folds of her shirt. But it isn't what's on the outside that she loves, it's the inside. She opens each one carefully for her little treasures. In fact, both my girls call those plump little peas "gummy." Because in their minds they must be candy if they taste so good and have such a pretty color.

I planted the peas about 3 weeks ago, and then life happened. I have to admit I have totally and completely ignored them. But guess what? This time I was lucky and we had cool weather (yes freezing, I shouldn't have complained), lots of rain and up they popped. Usually I am definitely not this lucky. In fact, my beans last year I had to replant about 4 times. Finally they came up in July. Not very impressive.

Life is like that. Sometimes we just get lucky breaks. All we have to do is plant a seed and things will grow. But the majority of the time, the seeds fail and we have to replant. We can't ignore. Conditions don't magically fall into place. Cap Trappers won't be sold in masses just by planting the seeds. In fact, I need a ton of luck, the right conditions and a whole lot of working, watering etc. It's a lot of unglamorous work, but as with most things in life, I will take those sweet plump peas any day! Totally worth the effort.

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