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Top 8 Reasons I WILL be Caught Dead Driving a Mini Van

We all have to have it at one moment in our lives. A moment of epiphany. A time when we throw out everything we have always held dear. It is in that moment we accept what we always swore in our teens and early twenties we would abhor, the minivan. In my case I had to let go of my beloved subaru outback (oh, I loved that car). But now not only do I drive a minivan, I embrace my minivan.

So here are my top 8 reasons I will be caught in mini van!

8-There is enough floor space to become covered in crumbs so I never have to worry we will go hungry if we somehow become stranded in the desert for days at a time.

7-I can move my sons seat close enough behind my driver seat to hold his nuk in and bounce his car seat with my right hand whilst steering with my other hand. (I don't think they make minivans with standard transmission for this reason alone.) I prayed for a car seat baby, but it was not to be. Again.

6-The acoustics are phenomenal. Who would have thought that Old MacDonald and Michael Finnegan, could reach such decibel levels with my daughters and I belting along to the music?

5-It only costs me $60 to fill up my tank. And yes, you all know that is a bargain!

4-I can open my trunk, car door, hold a car seat in my elbow, and push a shopping cart with two kids simultaneously. (Whoever designed the remote control automatic doors was a genius.)

3-There is tons of cargo room to haul large amounts of cap trappers in the back.

2-My husband feels compelled to wash it for me to save a little face.

And finally my #1 reason...

Lets face it, I just look ultra cool :-)

I guess it doesn't always hurt to totally redefine what is important and what makes me who I am. It can change. It's like that being a SAHM mompreneur. It seems like I better always be open to shifting gears and moving in new directions. That way I won't miss any opportunities. And maybe I'll get to switch to a really fast car soon! Because Ferrari's are pretty cool too.
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Brittney said...

Oh yes, minivans are the way to go! Those are some great reasons you mentioned - I'll view the crumbs on my floor in a different light from here on out. =) I considered switching to a SUV a month or two ago, but I just couldn't give up all the luxurious space!