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Wild Hearts Can't be Broken

A few little lessons from this week...

Wild hearts can't be broken...no matter how much I try to contain these raspberries, they go wild and will not be contained

If you email someone over and over again, sometimes they respond...usually they don't. But hooray, a connection I am trying to work with in Chicago finally came through!

It's a small world after all...a wonderful college friend found my blog and we reconnected. Both of us now have 3 children and it turns out his wife goes nuts about messy art activities and she loves Cap Trappers.

Always do your homework...I got an email from a PR firm it sounded incredible. They were ready to make all my dreams come true and flood the earth with Cap Trappers. Well I was excited for about 5 minutes. I did some research, found a former client...let's just say, I'm not interested.

It's all about connections...My husband knows a stellar sales person at Northridge Media. They are the ones who put out those gorgeous magazines Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Card Trends, Bead Trends...I dropped off a bunch of Cap Trappers...she was excited about them, we will see what kind of strings she can pull, since I have 0 budget. If you haven't seen these magazines yet, you have to check them out if you are remotely crafty, you will love them. If you are me you will look at them in a worshipful sort of way knowing full well you will never be able to create that sort of beauty.

Shots stink...Emmett had 6 shots today and the poor little lamb is absolutely miserable.

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